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At it again

I was recently reading an article about how Google is at it again, with regards to personal privacy. This is exactly the issue.

How can the data provider trust the data consumer to be upfront with what they do, if they aren't held accountable?

This is the reason behind GDPR, PIPEDA (modelled to a large part on the original European Privacy act of 1995, and updated to incorporate with some major additions from GDPR). The fines in GDPR are steep, minimum fines are 2% of global income or €10MM to a maximum of 4% of global income or €20MM, whichever is greater. Recently some organizations in the EU have been fined €175MM for breach of GDPR.

US privacy versus the rest of the world

Currently the best privacy legislation in the US is in California (CCPA) which is modelled after GDPR and PIPEDA (loosely), with input from various tech companies in California. Anybody else see a problem here?

My point is that the US privacy concept extends to how much can be made by selling the user data. A highly cynical outlook, but not too far off. Yes, other jurisdictions have similar things in place, but under GDPR, especially, the option to opt out is better.

Sadly, Google, is a company that has managed to integrate itself into every aspect of online life (full-disclosure, our corporate email is on google), and this is more than a little disturbing. In the EU Google has been in the cross-hairs for some time and has had its knuckles wrapped on more than one occasion.

Privacy in the other parts of the world, specifically Canada, Europe and, to some extent, Australia, is modelled more closely after GDPR. In the US it's really more about how to monetize data (not that that isn't the case elsewhere) and privacy is a secondary issue.

Why is privid an option?

Our entire mantra is privacy and trust. Our technology sits between the data provider and the data consumer. We offer a tiered solution for privacy that is at the control of the data provider. Tier 0 is deletion of all data. Tier 4 is data that is required by government, financial institutions etc. neither of these tiers have any ambiguity associated with them. Tiers 1, 2, 3 have varying levels of privacy associated with them and have sublayers of privacy within them. The point is that our system allows organizations be in compliance with GDPR, PIPEDA and if necessary CCPA (although we will not be in the US for some time). Our main focus is the EU and Canada, but primarily the EU.

About privid, inc.

We were founded on the idea that a new trust paradigm must be present in all interactions between individuals and organizations. Our technology is based on security and anonymity. We are currently seeking investors for taking us to the next level. Please feel free to contact me directly:

Jiri Fiala


I will be happy to provide a pitch deck and financials for your information.

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