Privacy now and in the Future

Privacy is critical. We agree on that. Privacy online is even moreso.

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The Issue

In the past, privacy has been something of an afterthought by many organisations. However, with new legislation coming in everyday, it can no longer be an afterthought. Privacy is now at the fore.

Predicting the Future

To be fair, it is not really predicting the future, it is really extrapolating from the current positions. There are a many legislations that are coming that are making sure your privacy is protected online. GDPR, PIPEDA, GDPR-A, CCPA and more are coming. All of which have penalties for not ensuring your privacy, GDPR has the strictest penalties.

GDPR still seems to be the one with the most bite. CCPA because it was crafted with the input of Silicon Valley, I'm skeptical of. PIPEDA is a good legislation, but the penalties are not very severe and therefore lacks real consequence.

What will happen

Currently, if privacy online is wanted, a supplemental solution is needed, like ours. We sit as guardians of your data. Using blockchain to anonymise the data to ensure privacy. Since blockchains inception, there has never been a successful hack of the blockchain system.

Our system is a solution that allows for organisations to be GDPR, PIPEDA etc compliant, and and maintain your privacy. This is critical, as it allows for safe and secure transactions while maintaining your privacy.

Encryption will be the new normal

As more and more individuals want more and more privacy, things will change. Currently, many tech companies are still looking at ways to access and monetize user data. Users are, however, fighting back with ways to minimize their data footprint online. The issue is that as users begin to demand greater control over their data, whether it is in social media platforms, or simply clicking on a purchase or downloading an app they simply want to be able to control what is done with it and how it is used. In other words, data protection should be more proactive.


We are very much in the camp of giving the user a more proactive option for controlling data. Our solution provides a means to combine your data, and privacy and anonymity. And the user controls it. Not the the organization.

Our system offers privacy that is controlled by you, the only time that privacy is not optional is when providing information, through our service to a government agency or a financial institution. These two groups for a variety of reasons access all your information. Every other group has differing levels of control set by you, using our interface.

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